The Inside Scoop With AC Milan’s Filippo Galli

As football fans ourselves, we can’t help but get a little bit excited when we get to share a scoop with you. So when AC Milan sat down with their sponsor, CasinoEuro, we knew things would get interesting.

This time, it was the turn of the rossoneri’s ex-player and current Youth Sector Director, Filippo Galli, who seems fairly keen to ‘dish the dirt’ on his old team mates. We’re kidding, of course, as the gossip was all good. We sat down and reminisced about his old days as one of the star players, known for his composure and his skill in the game. Then, he discussed his work with the Youth Sector, developing the next generation of football talent. And what insights did Galli have to offer us? For instance, do you know who was considered the nicest guy on the team, or the last guy dressed and ready to leave the changing room after a match?

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