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Here at Click Play Spin we basically live and breathe casino. We always want to know about the next big thing before it hits the online world, and all the wonderfully technological stuff we pretend to fully understand. But at one point, we were newbies to slots, like everyone else. And back then the “science” was all trial and error and it took a long time. There should be a quicker way to learn.

Clearly the guys over at CasinoEuro had the same thought. That’s why they created their “Introduction to Slots” video series. Here, they teach you the basics about all elements of the online slot, so you can play it smart (smarter than us in the beginning, anyway). All in just a few minutes. Meet their hipster wizard who they brought along to teach you about Wilds, reels, bet levels, progressive slots and so much more.

After all, CasinoEuro has been around for over 15 years, and are well versed in everything slots. CasinoEuro has a massive slot library, a large variety of jackpot slots and a jam-packed live casino. All for players across Europe to enjoy. So sit down, watch their video to discover what online slots really are all about and start planning your play style and strategy for your next time in the casino.

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