Join Santa’s Little Helpers On The Reels

If you enjoy the festive season as much as we do, then you’ll be glad to see a few new Christmas-themed slots to spin on. One of the most promising releases this year is NetEnt’s upcoming Jingle Spin. The new festive slot is due to come down the chimney to a casino near you on November 29.

While there’s a fair few Christmas-themed slots around, we always seem to get hooked on the new ones. What’s hiding in Santa’s workshop? Watch the video to find out.

Jingle Spin looks to be everything you’d want in a Christmas slot, without being too cliché and overdoing the theme. The reels are filled with decorations and lights, and Santa’s little helper Papa Elf pulls the lever to spin the reels for you. Watch as he hands out gifts to his helpers sat above the reels, and you might just get some extra special Christmas bonuses when you land a Wild symbol.

Get ready for festive cheer when you click play and spin with Jingle Spin on some of our favourite online casinos in Europe.

We love this slot as it’s everything festive, but definitely subtle. There’s no over-the-top Santas on the reels, and there’s just a hint of sleigh bells and snowflakes to add the Christmas frosting we love so much.

Papa Elf works hard so you don’t have to, and he only makes a fuss when you hit those really big wins. This slot is fun and engaging and you can play it on your mobile too (perhaps while you’re waiting for the Christmas dinner to pop out of the oven).

Play it if: You’re a fan of Christmas without looking to go into a turkey bearded coma.

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